P.O. Box 2791
Laurel, MD 20709
Phone: 301.725.1100
Fax: 301.725.1109
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New Tenants Existing Tenants Existing Clients Maintenance Request
Leasing of Properties at Market Rates or Higher.

• Property Walk-Through and Inspection.

• Advertising and Showing of Vacant Properties

• Leasing and Signing of New Leases

• In Depth Screening of Applicants

• Collection and Processing of all Monthly Rents

• Distribution of Rent Payments to Property Owners

• Quarterly Property Inspections

• Maintenance and Servicing of all Property Repairs

• General Contractor to All Repairs at Cost Effective Rates

• 24-Hour Tenant Emergency Line

• Complete Eviction/ Court Processing

• Lease Renewal Fulfillment

• Annual Statement